Holy Child Educational & Charitable Trust

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Programme On Drug De-Addiction

Thousand of people are addicted to drugs and alcohol resulting in poor health, mental & psychological disorder and often broken families. In order to set things right, HOLY CHILD EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST has started counseling programme. As a first step to start a drug de-addiction center, the organisation has started a weekly counseling programme for the drug and substance abusers. In the year of reporting over 50 people were given proper advice regarding this evil. We hope to carry forward this programme in a big way by establishment the Drug De-Addiction-Cum-Rehabilitation Centres in the operational area.

AIDS Awareness Programme

HOLY CHILD EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST continued its awareness campaign against AIDS. The aim was to make the people aware of the methods of prevention of these preventable diseases. Over 500 people participated in the awareness program organized at Cuttack GPs. The Programs contain Survey, Detection and Checkup service, Rehabilitation, Medicine Providing system, awareness generation, work camps, seminars, road shows, books-posters-leaflets etc for distribution in colleges and schools, walling and Posters.

Health Camps

Health Camps were organized to provide RCH services to the target Tribal and Dalit population. The range of services provided through the camps include antenatal Health Check-up, pregnancy risk assessment, diagnosis & treatment for pregnancy complications, FP counseling & services etc.

Exp on Environmental & plantation Program

Since most of the people are depending upon forest products, it is seen that the people are destroying the trees at a massive rate. The earlier thick forest are no more seen in the periphery of village areas. Either they are cutting the trees for fire purpose and selling them for their earning. So, it was felt necessary to give emphasis to safe guard the existing plants and to mobilize the people for its protection. Village meeting was organized in Cuttack village of near about 300 villagers including women were present in the meeting. The elected Ward members and Social workers from the members who had attended the meeting. All the presenting members were explained about the disaster effect of deforestation and they were mobilized to plant more trees near their homes for protection of environment. It was decided in the meeting to contact the block Horticultural as well as Agriculture Office to collect plants for plantation. A committee consisting of five members was constituted for further development environment in the area.


Education and Training program 

We at HOLY CHILD EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST believe that education is a matter of right of every citizen. Unless every citizen is made literate, no nation can prosper. In order to make the operational area of HOLY CHILD EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST hundred percent literate, the organisation is running adult literacy center at Cuttack of Cuttack Block in Cuttack District of Orissa. In the centers, the volunteers of HOLY CHILD EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST are conducting classes to achieve the hundred percent literacy target in three years time. The organization emphasizes universalisation of primary education. The organization has launched an enrolment drive under which the volunteers conduct regular meetings with the parents and mothers to send their children to school. The aim of the programme is urge the parents to give high priority to education for their children. Under its impact, the parents have started sending their children to school who earlier did not get any education.

Vocational Training:

Vocational training for skill up gradation of unemployed youth is one of the major activities of organization. This year eight young women were provided training in tailoring for six months of daily three hours duration The previous & current years trainees are being organized In to a self-help group to obtain necessary credit from  the financial  institutions to initiate  self employed  units for income generation.

Literacy Camp

Over the past few years the tribal areas are witnessing an unprecedented rise in atrocities against the Dalit. Most of the time the poor and deprived sections of the society do not approach the court of law due to ignorance and prohibitive legal expenses. Thus the organization is conducting Legal Awareness Camps in which the target groups are made aware regarding availability of legal help from government to fight for justice. In the year of reporting, HOLY CHILD EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST organized one legal awareness camp at Cuttack in which 30 people belonging to the Dalit and Tribal groups participated.

Education program includes Literacy program held for Old aged people and Training Program includes training on volunteerism.

Cultural program:

Cultural and Social Activities: The Organisation is making awareness on various programs through cultural programs like local cultural programme, daskathi, palla, dandanacha etc.Such activities help to promote a common sense of brotherhood among the various segments of people of the locality besides providing the much needed diversion from busy schedule and service routine. Every month one week long cultural bonanza is held in which various items relating to fine arts, dance, drama, music and literary activities like programs on awarness are organised. These events are held after the working hours during the evenings and draw enthusiastic participation. There is also a tradition to celebrate important festivals like Diwali, New year, Christmas Day, Pujas etc.

HOLY CHILD EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST organizes a special cultural programme woven around the theme highlighting the importance of the event.

Sanitation program:

Sanitation awareness campaign programme was organized at community centres of Various villages. To create awareness among villagers to Use toilets, maintain drainage system and Use safe drinking water. Several meetings were organized during this campaign. Most of the members of HOLY CHILD EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST present in this campaign programme.

The Organisation is putting importance on sanitation and making aware of on various program like use of latrine, cleaning of roads, use of bore well water, well water etc.

Under this program the organization is doing the following activities:Road cleaning program, Plantation of trees in the sides of roads, Institutional latrine and individual latrine programs, Cleaning of tank, well etc Storage of roof top water, Pucca drainage system.

Entry Point Activity:

Usually the entry roads of the villages and the community halls, Temples, Churchs are not maintained by i the village people. So the Organisation takes keen interest on maintaining those. Under this program the Organisation is doing the works like: Construction and mantainace of Entry Point roads of the villages Construction and mantainance of Kotha Ghar, Temple, Church etc. 

Awareness program

The Organisation has made various awarnss programs to educate people, through the volunteers, village committees etc.

These are the following awareness programs 

Community Development Program Formation of SHGs:

It is still observed that most of the people in remote tribal areas are depending upon local money lenders to meet their emergencies at the time of need. But later on, they are facing the hardship of money lenders and leading very miserable lives. So, it is felt necessary to introduce credit financing system in our locality. In our primary attempt, out members have so far formed 10 SHGs and more Rs. 0.2 lakhs to its credits in our operational areas (list enclosed) covering the women members. The members of the organisation have continued their effort to mobilize the ideal women to be members of SHG and to avail the benefit for better survival. The group leaders are also given necessary feed back for proper maintenance of the records and books of accounts for reflection of clear accounts relating to SHGs. t Women Empowerment Program:

Three days non-residential women convention was organized in our operational area Cuttack Block a total number of 85 women including elected members, social workers and Sarapanchs of various Blocks were invited in the programme. The attending members were sub-divisional in different groups for better interaction to know details of different self-employment schemes for the purpose of sustainable income. They were explained about the available resources in the area and the techniques required for preparing finished product out of the resources. The members were also assured about financing facilities and Vocational Training to take up different income source of their choice. Further, the women were motivated to posses leadership quality and knowledge to tackle the present women atrocities occurring in rural villages.

SC/ST Development Program:

The Organization has conducted the following programs for SC/ST, Weaving and marketing of bamboo products, Marketing of forest products, Self financing scheme, Community program led by SC / STETC Self employment program PROMOTION OF KITCHEN GARDEN:

HOLY CHILD EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST is promoting Kitchen garden among the rural tribal women in its operational area. The organization distributed seeds of vegetables like Brinjal, Tamato and Ladies Finger to the women of and Cuttack GPs of Cuttack.

Promotion of Saving And Credit Habit Mobilisation:

The Organisation has made awarness on saving and credit habit mobilization through muthi chaula i.e daily saving habit through saving a hand full of rice in a container. Like that saving in SHG Program, saving at post office etc.